Hi, my name's JP and I love making music and sounds. My original music has been performed around the world and I’ve worked with countless wonderful artists and production companies, including The BBC, Sky, The Edinburgh Fringe and large scale multi-cam events.

I’m a classical, highly trained multi-instrumentalist, but also fascinated by dance and electronic music. I love blending classical techniques with beats, modern electronic production and loops to create intense and emotive soundworlds.

I currently live in Scotland writing music primarily for media and stage while releasing my own music under my name.


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JP Waksman

United Kingdom
55° 51' 51.2532" N, 4° 15' 6.5016" W

This composer has self-identified as LGBTQ+ - part of a platform intervention celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month 2021.

Through it we want to create a safe and inclusive digital space that allows for greater representation, celebration and recognition of LGBTQ+ composers and music-creators, whilst bringing their work to a wider audience.