[Photograph: Copyright © Marc-Antoine Dilhac, 2010.]

At home in both the Popular music and Classical music worlds, Northern Irish composer and songwriter Dr Matthew Rowan submitted winning entries to the John Armitage Memorial, the Red Note Ensemble, the Kate Halsall Maché and the Peter Rosser Composition Award competitions, and was awarded an AHRC-funded commission for the Northumbrian Exchanges project. His compositions have received performances in the UK, Europe and the USA, most notably by: Lina Andonovska, Duodort, Mak Grgić, Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble, Christoph Jäggin, Katabatic Winds, William Lane, Loré Lixenberg, Momenta Quartet, Mr. McFall’s Chamber with Taylor Wilson, Northern Early Music Collective, Onyx Brass, Royal Northern Sinfonia and Jacqueline Shave. Moreover, Kate Halsall, Mr. McFall’s Chamber and Northern Early Music Collective have recorded his works for commercial release. Matthew holds a PhD in Contemporary Composition (2009). To complement his work as a creative artist, he taught composition for fourteen years at The International Centre for Music Studies (UK) and was music studies editor for the inaugural issue of online cultural journal E-pisteme. Matthew is represented by the Contemporary Music Centre Ireland and he is a member of the Association of Irish Composers




Always Rolling (for pop / rock group)

Through A One-way Mirror (for oboe, violin)

Released (for solo electric viola)

Unread Books (for pop / rock group)

Walks Among Us (for pop / rock group)

Master Of One (for pop / rock group)

A Dot In The Distance (for orchestra)

How The Soap Miser Grew A Soul (for solo flute; C, bass, piccolo)

Give Me More (for pop / rock group)

The Right Vacation (for pop / rock group)

To Vary (for violin, piano)

Framing The Canyon (for pop / rock group)

The Heckler (for pop / rock group)

Remember This (for pop / rock group)



Prelude for Cello (for solo cello)

Abandon (for eight cello)

Learning To Surf (for pop / rock group)

Relics (for pop / rock group)

Rings (for pop / rock group)

The Ballad Of The Stars (for pop / rock group)

One Time Is All It Takes (for pop / rock group)



Motley (for guitar, cello)

Looking Through A One-way Mirror (for violin duo)



Untitled No.5 (for flute, oboe)

Untitled No.4 (for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon)

Untitled No.3 (for three violin)

Untitled No.2 (for solo flute)

Untitled No.1 (for SATB choir)



The Devil ain’t got no music – II, III, IV, V (for solo guitar)

Grooves Become Walls (for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, cello)



The Devil ain’t got no music – I (for solo guitar)

The Ones About You (for solo piano)



Pure Imagination (arr. for solo piano)



Taught To Believe (for solo guitar)



Improvisations On Influence (for piano duo, two voices, foley)

Influence (for narrator)

Smart La’d (for oboe, soprano saxophone, percussion, vibraphone, piano, double bass)

Living In Memories (for cornett, fiddle, lute, mandolin, viol)



Doucement (for solo guitar)

Birds Of A Feather (for piano duet – one piano, four hands)



In From The Chill (for SATB choir)

Place And Time (for solo trumpet)

Time And Money, Place And Time (for trumpet, viola, cello)

A beautiful, generous lie (for solo piano)

Reunited (for solo violin)



Resonating Past (for solo guitar)

They offered prayers, original in style (for baritone, piano trio; words by Paul Attinello)



Bottle (for mezzo-soprano, piano, string quintet; words by Andrew Crumey)



Memory On Circles (for chamber orchestra)

Music From Three Fingers (for piano duo – two piano)

Music From Six Fingers (for six piano)



Release (for solo viola)

String Quartet No.2 – 'Images Of Silence'



A7 WJR (for mezzo-soprano, cor anglais, bass clarinet, piano, viola)

Reverberations (for chamber orchestra)



Red (for wind ensemble)

In The Presence Of Absence (for solo oboe)



String Quartet No.1

Pressing Buttons With Knuckles (for drum kit, three violin, three viola, three cello)

This Is A Place For Science (for amplified / electric ensemble)



A Warm Reception (for chamber orchestra)

Photograph: Copyright © Marc-Antoine Dilhac, 2010.


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Matthew Rowan

Newcastle upon Tyne , Tyne & Wear
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