Fiona T Frank


Fiona T Frank

started composing after setting some of her poems to music in 2011.  Since then she has written for chamber & orchestral forces.

Whilst a painter, Fiona taught art. Her lifelong passion for music co-existed  in the form of violin playing & chamber music. Her music has a very visual element to it.

Great inspiration: Nature! On moving to the Wye Valley, the need to paint was diffused by the everyday stunning beauty of her surroundings. Her high octane palette of colour transferred to musical composition!

As a highly inspired composer, Fiona writes in a largely tonal, accessible style in the modern ‘classical’ idiom with extra vibrant & harmonic colours and rhythmical excitement. "Your work was interesting and wonderful and it was a fascinating experience for us all. Your personal charm and Your attractive style in speaking to the audience have conquered us completely. I wish You always great success for the future and look forward meeting You again.Very friendly. Claudio Scimone" after I Solisti Veneti's electric performance of Fiona's Autumn Suite in Padua, 2016

Here are some musical highlights of performances to date:-

* The virtuosic pianist, Maria Marchant, performed ‘Signs of Change’ in Nov 2020 during her series ‘7 Notes in 7 days at 7pm.’

* Trio Arcadia di Roma gave the world premiere of her piano trio in Rome, Feb 2019 & it toured Northern Italy. They gave 3 concerts of music by Fiona in the UK in July 2019.

* 'In Memoriam' for Oboe Quartet was performed by Ensemble Trame Sonore in Cagliari Opera House, November 2017 & again in ‘Il Colore Rosa’ festival in a concert called ‘Voci di Donna’ Cagliari, July 23rd & Nov 2019.

* ‘And then there were three’ for Saxophone Duo selected for performances in Italy, 2017.

* 'Free as a Bird' for cello and piano; performed, Dec 3rd, 2016 at the Osmose Festival, Brussels, and at the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, March 2017, and again in Brussels, April 2017.

* 'Tears of Gaia' for String Quartet; premiered the Monmouth Festival, 25th July, 2016 with 'Reveries on a River Journey'. Both works performed in  'Ways to Peace' Festival , Tintern Abbey, September 2018.

* 'Waters of the Wye' for solo violin and light percussion : the River Festival, May 15th, 2016. Rewritten for clarinet & percussion for George Georgiou and Marios Nikolaou, Cyprus, February 2017.  

* 'Autumn Suite' for String Orchestra performed by 'I Solisti Veneti' under Claudio Scimone in Padua, Tuesday, 8th March 2016.

* 'Nature in the Ruins' River Festival in Tintern Abbey performed by the composer.

* In 2021,  Fiona has composed a 7 movement piece this year entitled, 'Mystical Swan in Blue' for solo piano.


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