I am a Sound Designer and Sound Artist working across theatre, abstract music and contemporary art - equally at home as part of a collaborative team on large scale productions or independently on solo commissions and always driven by a love of storytelling and immersive experiences.​

My practice is broadly focused on source materials and the creative manipulation of their sonic qualities to create a richly textured soundscape. Mainly working with original field recordings but also adapting to whatever material feels most appropriate to the project.​

As a Sound Artist I seek to compose soundscapes that encourage increased engagement with our acoustic environment.​

As a Sound Designer, I adopt a holistic approach that includes content creation, show control programming, and playback system design.


Matthew Tuckey

The artist is stood in a snowy field wearing outdoors clothing and a pair of headphones with a recording bag at his feet. In the distance is a binaural microphone.
The artist is knelt by an equipment case in a forest, wearing outdoors clothing and setting up a microphone rig. Next to him is a binaural microphone and other equipment cases.
Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom
54° 58' 41.7072" N, 1° 37' 4.008" W