Richard Bowers


Much audio work produced between 1990 and 2019 (below) was absorbed into nine or so hours of Sunlight and Dirt, an installation situated in Shift Artspace (Cardiff) in October 2019, along with additional materials recorded with a variety of musicians within the installation itself. This collaging of materials continues towards a definitive work of unknown form. The CV below effectively lists the sources for much of the content of the installation. The installation was funded by the Arts Council of Wales with support from Shift Cardiff.

Broadcasts, CDs and performances.

'Temple Music ii' – (live performance at 'Sunlight and Dirt: Hymns to the Night'), Tactile Lounge, Cardiff 2019.

'Sunlight and Dirt – Hymns to the Night' – (installation), Tactile Lounge, Cardiff 2019.

'Temple Music i' – (live performance at 'Sunlight and Dirt' with 4 trombonists), Shift Cardiff, Cardiff 2019.

'Sunlight and Dirt' - (installation) Shift Cardiff, 2019.

'Constellation' – (audio with commemorative plate in display cabinet) – 'Space' event, National Museum Wales, Cardiff, 2019.

'British Sounds" - (installation) Jacob's Antique Centre - part of 'Jubilee' curated by Tactile Bosch, Cardiff, 2018.

'Bridge' - (sound component for collaboration with Joanne Fong and Beth Powlesland) - Xintiandi Festival, Shanghai, 2017.

'Blow Up Cardiff' - (installation) ArcadeCardiff - 2016.

'An essay on Michelangelo Antonioni's 1966 film 'Blow Up' - Experimentica, Chapter, Cardiff, 2015.

'Before the Fall' - residency installation (video/construction/audio) - G39, 2015.

'The Velvet Lantern Part IV.ii: Manuscript - In Slower Motion' (installation) - Outcasting 4th Wall commission, Cardiff 2014.

'The Velvet Lantern Part IV.i: Manuscript – Oriel Davies Gallery Open, 2014.

'Collision' (video segment for Ben Ewart Dean's video documentary/interview) - with Ian Watson - Experimentica 2013, Chapter, Cardiff.

'The Velvet Lantern Part III: Tricolour' (video/audio + performer) - Experimentica 2013, Chapter, Cardiff.

'The Velvet Lantern Part II: Ceremony' (video/audio + performer) - with Caroline Pugh and assistance from Joanne Fong - Experimentica 2012, Chapter, Cardiff.

Untitled audio 'bed' – Pitch, Radio Cardiff, 2012.

'Oil IIc' (violin (Valerie Pearson) + live electronics) - York, 2011.

'Ghost Battalion' (audio 7" vinyl) released as part of Kakutopia Split 7s series, 2011.

'The Velvet Lantern Part I.iii' (video) - re:animate exhibition, Davies Memorial Gallery, Newtown, 2010.

'The Velvet Lantern Part I.ii' (live electronics and video) - SAW, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, 2010.

'The Velvet Lantern Part I.i' (performance with live electronics and video) with Ian Watson, Gwilly Edmondez, Caroline Pugh and Ludo Bunel - Experimentica09, Chapter, 2009.

'The Fall of the House of Usher' (live electronics and percussion) with Ian Watson and Matt Lovett , Chapter, 2009.

'Oil IIb' (violin + live electronics) - St. Fagans Museum and Chapter, Cardiff, 2009.

'Episode from the Inferno' (stereo audio) - Sonic Art Oxford Jukebox, 2009.

'Revolution by Night' (stereo audio) - included on 'Art, for a Change' CD, 2009.

'Dialogue' (2-channel audio) - Tyneside Cinema, Newcastle, 2009.

'Pandaemonium' (performance with video and live electronics) - Experimentica08, Cardiff, 2008.

'Atlas' - ANNEXE, Tactile Bosch, Cardiff, 2008.

'Thaw' with Ian Watson and Nic Finch, Atrium, Cardiff, 2008.

'Intermezzos 2, 3 and 6' included on 'Brave New Wales/Pedair awr yng Nghymru Fydd' CD, 2008.

'Marginalia Parts 1 & 2' - installations.

Part 1: How the words came into being, Washington Gallery, April/May 2008. 

Part 2: Atlas - the passage through Hell is a spiral, Cardiff School of Psychology, Summer 2008.

'A Song for Europe' invited artist with Gwilly Edmondez for AV08:Broadcast, Newcastle, March 2008.

Works included in Soundnetwork at Futuresonic 08, Manchester, 2008.

'Darkness Visible', (with Ian Watson, Nic Finch and Jon Ruddick) 12-hour performance, Experimentica07, Cardiff, 2007.

'Seasonally Affected' (with Ian Watson, Nic Finch and Jon Ruddick), Expo 2007, Sonic Arts Network, Plymouth, 2007.

Works included in the Erstakonsthall 'Art is not Mute' sound archive. Various venues.

‘Departure’ (video with sound), National Eisteddfod, Swansea, 2006.

‘7 intermezzos’ (audio) - broadcast on 209Radio, Cambridge, Feb 2006 and released in part on their CD "you are listening". Diffused at a concert at University of Newcastle, 2006. Included in 'Brave New Wales' CD released through Fourier Transform, 2008.

‘Botanising on the Asphalt’ (live video and sound performance), Experimentica06, Chapter (with Ian Watson and Nic Finch), 2006.

‘In Memoriam R.B.’ Sculptural relief with sound, Washington Gallery, Penarth, 2006.

‘Oil’ broadcast on Mixing It, BBC Radio 3, 3/2/2006.

‘Grave Chords’ (audio) - included on ‘Bend it like Beckett’ CD – tribute to Samuel Beckett, 2006

‘Hymn’ (tape) – broadcast on Resonance FM as part of a programme celebrating European Radio Day, 2005

‘Reichmann Berlin 1’ (tape) – Sounds Electric ’05, Maynooth, Ireland, 2005.

‘Writing...receiving’ (video) – shown at The One Night event, Cardiff, 2004.

‘Oboe 1996’ (tape) – Electroacoustic Wales, Bangor University – (Thomas Davey played oboe on the recordings), 2003

‘Invocation’ (tape) – ‘Works for Peace’ concert, University of Sheffield, 2003.

‘Incident 2’ (tape) – for ‘Sounds recorded for an empty nightclub’. (Event + CD), Sheffield 2003.

‘Mouth’ (live audio signal processing with videos), Impressions Gallery, York - Bowers/Edmondez/Watson, 2001.

‘Adenonun’ (piano + tape), Reardon Smith Lecture Theatre, Cardiff and British Music Information Centre, London – Geraint Davies, piano, 1994(?)

‘Justine and Tristan’ (voice, violin, bassoon, cello), Chapter Arts, Cardiff – Students of University of Wales Music Dept, 1994.

Excerpt from ‘Assemblage’ broadcast with interview on ‘Scope’, BBC Radio Wales 199?


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