Laura Budzelek


Laura Budzelek is an international performing artist. The multilingual singer-songwriter’s style is a unique blend of pop rock and world music genres. Much of Laura’s inspiration stems from her travels abroad, classic rock and her background in classical music.

Laura dropped her latest single "Relish the Romance," on 28 June 2019. She and her British band recorded at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London on Valentine's Day. 

Laura's debut album Treasure the World Now, has been played in concert, in various cities. Her songs take listeners on a journey through melodies and lyrics reminiscent of French cafés, Caribbean festivities, grand Viennese ballrooms, Celtic folk and New Orleans brass bands. On her tracks, Laura sings, plays keyboards and is joined by talented musicians on bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, trumpet, violin, sousaphone, electric mandolin and drums. The eclectic record is a captivating flow of music.  The first single on Treasure the World Now (inspired by an Italian chocolate festival)"Cioccolato adorato," is a mix of New Orleans jazz with Italian lyrics. Laura speaks, writes and sings in English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. 

Fans can follow Laura on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The performing artist was recently featured in Integrity Magazine's September, 2020 issue and in Cabaret Hotspot's 28 June 2020 online publication. She has appeared on radio shows in the United States and in interviews from the United Kingdom, Italy and France. In addition to singing at various theaters in Europe, Laura has performed in acclaimed venues in New York City, including Symphony Space, The National Opera Center and the Austrian Consulate. The international musician performs her songs on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. During COVID-19, Laura has performed online for Harold Sanditen's Open Mic at the Crazy Coqs in London, Stamford Musicians' Group in the States and for Homesong on Facebook in Scotland. You can find her music on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, CD Baby and Amazon, in addition to shops such as Portobello Music, Rough Trade NYC, Greenwich Historial Society and Academy Records & CDs.


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