Benjamin P Jackson


Benjamin P Jackson is a Sheffield-based composer with particular interest in solo instrumental works, creating innovative musical structures to form narratives and blending electronic and acoustic sounds. In 2018 he undertook a project exploring the creative possibilities of composing a suite for solo cello, basing his research on well-established suites from Bach and Britten, culminating in a performance of his new suite at the University of Leeds. In addition, he has written various electroacoustic pieces exploring the fundamentals of creativity, music and sound, and how these might be reinterpreted for a modern audience. He has also released two albums which are available on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp which involve cinematic and electronic pieces ruminating on a wide range of experiences. 

Currently, Benjamin is working on more contemporary style music for acoustic instruments, as well as finding new and innovative ways to create and sustain live music in a new, challenging environment.

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