David Ashworth


My music draws its inspiration from the things I see, the things I remember, the things I read and the things I hear. 

These ‘things’ have included: 

paintings and sculptures  – for example the works of Barbara Hepworth, Andy Goldsworthy, John Wells, Edward Hopper …

childhood and more recent memories of often small events which I still think of as significant. 

essays, articles, poems – for example writings by  Richard Mabey,  Alain de Botton, Laurie Lee, Robert Frost, Mary Ashworth, Clive James, William Wordsworth …

the music of Bela  Bartok, John Adams, late/middle Miles Davis, Brian Eno and his Bowie collaborations, Radiohead collectively and individually, John Fahey – the list goes on.

The world around me  – from the tops of mountains to bus stops in quiet suburban streets.

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