Liam Carey


I am a composer based in Liverpool and, like most of my generation, I come from a varied musical background and prefer to experience music regardless of boundaries or genres: ‘music is music’, as Alban Berg once said to George Gershwin.

I write ‘classical’ music but I also play guitar in bands, DJ, make remixes, play the banjo. I love lots of different kinds of music and I always enjoy seeing what happens when I try throwing them together.

I write music for a mixture of live instruments, electronics, and video, firstly because it gives me the freedom to cross musical genres, but also because it allows me to explore topics I find interesting, such as our relationship with technology and the effect that media has on how we view of the world.

I like music that includes opposites: consonance and dissonance, chaos and order, seriousness and stupidity, new and old - sometimes switching from one to the other and sometimes both at the same time. This is because that’s how I feel about life - there are very few things I know for sure, and I often feel like I believe contradictory ideas. The only honest music I can make is that which tries to include both.

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United Kingdom