Isin Eray


I am a music composer for moving image. My musical journey began at a young age when my parents discovered  that I had a talent for music  so they introduced me to piano lessons. Over the years I developed the love and passion for creating my own compositions. Watching amazing films gave me the art of listening and appreciating music scores in films and how powerful and important music is in film. I realised that both when done with vision are a match made in heaven! I was so inspired to score music for film and it was then I realised this is my now and future!

So here I am doing what I absolutely adore and hoping to create and innovate more music for more inspiring films and any moving image.


I have my latest studio and a resource of live musicians who I compose, arrange and produce for. I compose in any genre and work to directors Directiion.

Looking forward to working with great film directors for future projects!



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