Daniel Bickerton


Born in Wales, Daniel Bickerton is a composer and educator, currently a music lecturer at Cardiff University. He was appointed specialist diploma examiner for Trinity College London in 2015. As a composer, Daniel’s eclectic music has been performed nationally at the Royal Albert Hall, Birmingham Symphony Hall, St David’s Hall and the Purcell Room, as well as internationally in the USA and at various European Music Festivals, including the Montreux Jazz Festival and ‘Druskomanija’. His music has been described as ‘soulful’ and ‘full of skittish cascades’ in The Times. Eminent conductor Paul McClure has written 'the fingerprint of Bickerton’s style is effective and driving ostinati; the flexibility of metre is authoritative and compelling'. Passionate about music education, creative leadership and collaboration, Daniel is highly sought after as a composition workshop leader for young musicians, having worked for organisations such as Orchestras for All, Cerdd Gwent Music and RPO Resound.


Call Me To You for solo oboe (2020)

Wires Crossed for clarinet choir (2020)

Wild Water for orchestra (2020)

As Alive As Ever for brass band (2020)

Breaker of Stones for brass band (2020)

Smile for solo flute (2019)

By Gosh, By Golly for big band (2019)

nighTrain for orchestra (2019)

Simmer Down for string orchestra (2018)

Flypast for big band (2018)

Sea of Stone for solo piano (2017)

The Pitch Within for solo clarinet (2017)

Mad About ThaT for big band (2017)

Even though it’s breaking, imagine! for alto saxophone and piano (2016)

#CONNECT for choir, orchestra and electronics (2016)

Textbook for mixed quintet (2015)

Ballad for two trumpets and piano (2015)

Weather By Funk for big band (2015)

Eclipse for alto saxophone and piano (2015)

Two Mourning Angels for solo piano (2015)

Invictus for choir (2015)

Redux Shone Through Time for mixed ensemble (2014)

Inward Thinking for saxophone quartet (2014)

Let’s Do It Again for big band (2014)

Evening Dew for piano trio (2014)

The Cause for trombone, marimba and piano (2014)

The Panther of Lugash for solo bass flute (2013)

Unintentional Art of Glass for mixed quintet (2013)

Stand Up for big band (2013)

Firmly Grounded for mixed sextet (2013)

Caution for solo marimba (2013)

Garuda for orchestra (2012)

Save Our Chariots for strings, harps and percussion (2012)

Blaenwern (arrangement) for choir and orchestra (2012)

Three Children’s Pieces for solo piano (2012)

Ecclesiastical Musings for tenor and large ensemble (2011)

Equation for solo piano (2011)

Delivered for alto saxophone (2011)

This Masquerade for strings, harp and percussion (2011)

The Meaning of Alex for mixed quintet (2010)

Whimsical (three pieces) for alto saxophone and piano (2010)

When The Stakes Are High for horn and piano (2010)

Lunarscape for orchestra (2009)

Nocturne for string quartet (2009)

Epiphany for violin and piano (2009)

The Court Jester for recorder quintet (2008)

A Suite of Eastern Expression for mixed ensemble (2008)

On The Edge for symphonic wind orchestra (2007)

An Oracle of Earthly and Divine Authority for choir and orchestra (2007)

Phoenix for mixed quintet (2007)

States of Mind for brass dectet (2007)

Prayer for baritone and piano (2007)

Apokaluptein for baritone and mixed ensemble (2007)

For A Moment for horn, piano, bass guitar and electronics (2007)

Medusa, Vallejo for mixed quintet (2007)

Fanfare for Gwent for symphonic wind orchestra (2006)

Etifeddiaeth for tenor and large ensemble (2006)

Ocean Sketch for cello and electronics (2006)

Genesis (four studies) for solo piano (2005)

Woodpeckers for piano trio (2005)

Foreboding for solo piano (2004)

Through Their Eyes for mixed quintet (2004)

Dreaming for solo piano (2003)