Brian Davison


Born and bred in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Studied trumpet, viola and composition with qualifications from London College of Music, Newcastle School of Music and University of Sunderland (ALCM, LLCM(TD), GDNSM, BEd).

Worked as professional trumpet player until taking- and acting on- advice from my trumpet teacher led to me not being able to play ever again. Switched over to viola and freelanced for 10 years before becoming a music pedagogue.

Prefer being known as a composer (of symphonic music). I have 8 works published (6 symphonies, Trumpet Concerto, Lyric Suite) all of which are neo-romantic in style. Many people think my music is film music, but it isn't.

I can conduct my own music, and, if given time to study scores, some classical period music and some Sibelius.

I have done some arranging for record labels (mainly Kitchenware Records) and did some sessions for Radio 1 at the BBC Maida Vale studios during the early 1980s with Dale (Biffin) Griffin as producer.

I live in Stockholm, Sweden, where I work as a music pedagogue.