The Keeling Curve is an electronic music duo comprising composer Will Frampton and violinist Rhiannon Bedford. They released their first E.P. in April 2020. Turpentine Tree uses electronics, found sounds and violin loops to create a dark meditation on the history and impacts of climate breakdown. The final track incorporates a statement due to be given in court by an Extinction Rebellion protester. In 2020 the duo was awarded a grant from Sound and Music as part of the ‘Interpreting Isolation’ project to create a piece in response to the Covid-19 lockdown. The resulting work, Mersey Beat, uses sounds, sent in from around the UK, of people's 'daily exercise' during the lockdown. These are interwoven with pulsing synthesizers and a violin solo reminiscent of the English pastoral tradition. The Keeling Curve have also written music for Whatstick Theatre and is currently working with Proxemics theatre.

Artwork Catherine Jack, photography Lawrence Dinh


The Keeling Curve

Manchester , Manchester (Greater)
United Kingdom
53° 28' 50.7324" N, 2° 14' 33.4716" W
Manchester (Greater) GB