J.-P. Janson De Couët


I am a composer, a scientist, an author and I live in Sheffield. I am autistic and French-British.  I am interested in atonal minimalism and randomisation/aleatoric techniques. I mostly compose for the piano. I love 20-21st century contemporary classical, although sometimes I wish it was 1950. I sang in Westminster Cathedral Choir for about five years under Colin Mawby, and we covered baroque to contemporary church music. My role model as a composer is Gerald Hugh Tyrwhitt-Wilson, 14th Baron Berners, and my favourite school is Dadaism. (All enquiries about pieces on YouTube/ Soundcloud whose manuscripts are not here, to Alexandra Balogh, Sweden/ Facebook)

"The apocalypse is finished, today it is the precession of the neutral, of forms of the neutral and of indifference." Jean Baudrillard


United Kingdom