Stuart Brown


Stuart Brown is a drummer, percussionist composer and bandleader based in Glasgow, Scotland. He studied Electronics with Music at Glasgow University before attending Berklee college of Music, U.S.A. and has since gone on to have a diverse career encompassing jazz, rock, folk, latin, improv and electronic music as well as creating music for silent film, contemporary dance and commercial advertising. He has toured internationally in Europe, India, New Zealand, and U.S.A. and regularly performs and records for a variety of artists including Craig Armstrong, Brooks Williams, Rab Noakes, The Brian Molley Quartet (including an ongoing collaboration with Rajasthani folk musicians), Simon Thacker, Mr McFalls’ Chamber, Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, Sugarwork, Herschel 36, Blue Rose Code and glass artist Carrie Fertig. His critically acclaimed cartoon music ensemble, Twisted Toons, has released two albums which featured in Mojo Magazine and The Times Top 10 Jazz Albums of 2009 and 2016. In 2018 he was one of 15 U.K. composers selected for Sound and Music’s New voices composers  development and mentoring scheme, during which time he has been developing new solo work for drums, electronics and reactive digital visuals.

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