Rosalie Coopman


Born in London in 1932.  Rosalie Coopman began composing as a child and during those precocious years she played her piano compositions on the BBC. 

Full of zest, as a young woman her many interests lead her to study art, history and languages in Florence, Italy.

Her married life led her to take some years away from her pursuits, whilst developing a life-long interest in poetry, eventually returning to teaching and composing.

In that period Rosalie Coopman composed for film, documentaries and concerts. .A substantial part of her concert work was focused on the piano, duets and trios, these often revealing a dance - like quality.

Over the last decade she abandoned her early style and concentrated on small chamber sets where she started to develop a more succint style characterised by a clear, no frills sound creating aural landscapes which very often are interjected by playful rhythms and colours. Though there is a brief return to her early vocabulary in the piano work ‘C’Tout’ (2007) and the trio ‘If you should see him’ (2009). 

She carried on moving into a world where though tonality (if at all) is blurred via a sparse, concise vocabulary and imagery, a lyrical element always permates the work.

Her work Winter Collage for Piano and String Quartet was awarded the 1st Prize in the International Competition for Women Composers 2019 and in the same year her ensemble composition “Resound’ was warded the Special Mention at the 1st Composition Competition of Ensemble Impronta.