Maria is a composer, teacher and flautist.

Maria studied music, composition, flute performance and education for the primary age range, gainig a BA(Ed)(Hons) from Christ Church College Canterbury, University of Kent.

She subsequently successfully studied for a MA in Music Education at the Institute of Education, University of London. Maria now focuses full-time on music composition and research, continuing her postgraduate studies with the Open University and studying composition privately.

Maria’s teaching experience is varied and extensive; she has 25 years experience as a qualified teacher, music leader and Advanced Skills Teacher in primary schools, of which 9 years were spent as an Advanced Skills Teacher for Music and English and 3 years as a Headteacher of a small primary school.

Maria’s research interests are: original compositon, musical meaning, perception and ways of knowing and the influences that Edward Elgar himself perceived on his own compositions and an early reception history of his work.

Maria’s compositions are influenced by literature, nature, the sea and the many places she has visited during her extensive travels of Britain.

Her musical influences are ancient sacred and secular polyphony and early twentieth century composers. Maria explores the spaces between the notes, musical phrases and harmonies, exploring ancient literature and music juxtaposed within a contemporary musical perspective.

Currently, Maria creats music resources, writes children's music books and composes for children, students and adult ensembles.



Spiral, a one minute piece for two violins was played during Radio Cornwall's Virtual Festival on Sunday 30th August 2020.


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Maria Collings

Member of ISM
Radio Cornwall Virtual Festival Sunday 30th August 2020
United Kingdom
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