I am a composer and artist based in Leeds, UK. Encompassing deep-listening techniques, temporal aesthetics, and musical fragility, my interdisciplinary practice centres on liminality — the functions and dimensions of the ‘in- between’. Specifically, it explores how a liminal state might not rely on stable phenomena to transition between, but these areas of ambiguity might move from being a passageway and to a productive site in and of themselves. Liminal moments are a key component of Western culture from which events come to fruition: stability arises from instability, not the other way around.

My music has been performed across North America and Europe and I have worked with international ensembles and artists such as Apartment House, Reanimation Orchestra, Jack Adler-McKean, Ryoko Akama, Séverine Ballon, and Ian Pace. In 2019, my piece places/place was featured on BBC Radio 3. In 2016, I attended the Irish Composition Summer School to work with John McLachlan, Gráinne Mulvey and The Robinson Panoramic Quartet. In 2019, I was awarded the prestigious Berkofsky Arts Award for my sound installation Experiencing Time/Timing Experience. I am currently studying a practice-led PhD at the University of Leeds, supervised by Martin Iddon and Scott McLaughlin; this is fully funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, through the White Rose College of Arts and Humanities (WRoCAH).

Claire Tuton


Ed Cooper

Leeds , West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
53° 48' 2.718" N, 1° 32' 56.6772" W
West Yorkshire GB