Ed Cooper is a composer and sound-artist based in Leeds, UK. His music has been performed across North America and Europe and he has worked with international artists and ensembles such as Apartment House, lovemusic collective, Séverine Ballon and Ian Pace. Recently, his piece ‘places/place’ was been featured on BBC Radio 3. In 2016, Ed attended the Irish Composition Summer School working with John McLachlan, Gráinne Mulvey and The Robison Panoramic Quartet. In 2019, Ed was awarded the prestigious Berkofsky Arts Award for his sound installation experiencing time/timing experience. He completed his BA Music (International) with First Class Honours and further commendations on his compositional work and dissertation at the University of Leeds. Ed will continue to study a fully funded Masters in Critical and Experimental Composition from September 2019 with Scott McLaughlin, Oliver Thurley and Martin Iddon


Encompassing deep-listening techniques, temporal and platial aesthetics, and spatialisation, Ed’s practice centres on notions of ‘liminality’; specifically, how aural focus can be cultivated and disrupted, in both small and large forms, and how that may be used to shape experiences of sounds that are greater than their constituent parts. This has been exhibited through installation, instrumental compositions and participatory workshops.

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Ed Cooper

Leeds , West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
53° 48' 2.718" N, 1° 32' 56.6772" W
West Yorkshire GB