Aaron Moorehouse is a [British-based] [non-composer], [pianist], and [collaborator], specialising in [indeterminate processes], [verbal notations], and [participatory performance].

His works have been performed extensively across the [UK] and [Scandinavia], he has taught across [England] and [overseas], and he has studied with [Roger Marsh], [Andy Ingamells], and [James Saunders], and collaborated with [Catherine Laws], [James McIlwrath], and [Lynette Quek].  

Aaron's latest works include pieces [for twenty-five harmonica-players], [non-performance], and [a series of works which illustrate his increasing dissillusionment with the label of composer, and the rituals of classical or neo-classical music]. I'm currently in Bath, studying a PhD and working in special education.  

Photo Credit: William Barnardo, performance of 'Stars - for Harmonica-players and Audience' from AMOK I, York, 2019. 


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Aaron Moorehouse