Louise Rossiter (1986) is an Electroacoustic composer and sound artist based in Leicester, UK.

Louise's research interests include expectation in acousmatic music, silence and music, acoustic ecology, multi-channel composition and spatialisation. She completed a PhD at De Montfort University, Leicester under the supervision of John Young and Simon Emmerson, having studied previously under Pete Stollery, Robert Dow and Robert Normandeau. Her current research carries on from doctoral research to explore ways in which interactions of sound, silence, and timbral blending might evoke implications, expectations and questions. She is currently composing a series of pieces which explore the work of Fritz Kahn. Dr Kahn’s work revolutionised the area of infographics by producing images representing the human anatomy as complex pieces of machinery. The research project provides a tangible link between sound, imagery and imagination to explore expectation.


Louise's works aim to provide a highly immersive sonic experience which are in some way,

unpredictable. Previous projects have focused on silence, contrasting real and imaginary places and enigmatic sound. Her works have been performed internationally at EMS, Electronic Music Week (Shanghai), Influx (Musiques et Reserches), L'espace du sons, NYCEMF, BEAST, SSSP, Sound Festival, Soundings..., Sound Junction, Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium, Bologna Conservatory of Music and Electroacoustic Wales. Louise has also been invited to present her work and research as featured artist at BEAST (2018), USSS (Sheffield) (2019), Electric Spring Festival (Huddersfield) (2020). 


Louise has also had works awarded in several international competitions, including in the

Destellos International Composition Competition, Musica Nova (Prague), Franz Liszt Stipendium (Weimar), Electronic Music Week (Shanghai) and in 2012 was awarded first prize in the prestigious L'espace du son international spatialisation competition.


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Louise Rossiter

Leicester , Leicestershire
United Kingdom
52° 38' 12.7608" N, 1° 8' 23.1324" W
Leicestershire GB