recipient of francis chagrin award from sound and music summer 2019 to support developing ships-ov-fool, we are also in residence with this project sage gateshead summer studios, also 2019


electroacoustic compositions / sound-art includes radiophrenias commission lonecrow make some hullabaloo; aka the bees sleep premiered by helicotrema venice (thanks to residency with celf o gwmpas wales); those of us who have learnt to love our madnesses - from sampled medications premiered arts access australia. švejk's journeyings - a response to obscenities of world war one thru eyes of 'the good soldier švejk' (made as result of a residency in the czech republic) first presented at b#side - international anti-war artists exhibition, italy


other work premiered at stockton contemporary; new art gallery walsall; dragonfly festival sweden; carlisle arts festival


curious festival (n.e. englands lgbtq+ arts festival) commissioned artist making a body of work including bi, buy, bye? - album of sound-art examining bisexual erasure and celebrating mary wollstonecraft, elif shafak, lou reed (a track called loud reed), sergei parajanov among others

solo show at alma zevi gallery venice includes have taken scissors to a few folks ties - a new audio piece commissioned by the gallery that reworks newcastles northumberland street, regional folk songs and autobiography




'an amazingly light touch with very serious and important topics, giving your audience space to experience your work and concerns in such an intimate way. I find your work relevant, poetic and so original. ... we are dealing with the antithesis of all that is mass-produced, commercial; one needs time to engage and to listen to the work. It might even help us to listen to ourselves. ... a great, and singular artist, with no other justifications or conditions needed.' alma zevi


& a birds singing can still delay laws is a new album (2019) & part ov provoked to madness by the brutality of wealth.

album premiered as part of visual installation in bethlem gallery autumn 2019 as part of art of protest. & supporting solo show developed by camden peoples bursary, arc stockton residency and third angel sheffield boost scheme as well as museum of homelessness, touring 2020


photo by liz rose ridley for sage gateshead summer studios 2019

United Kingdom