Stephen Shiell


I'm a sound artist, performer and composer. In my solo work I collect and work with field recordings, objects and self-created instruments. I am drawn to ‘hidden’ sounds, using technology such as very low frequency receivers, contact mics and hydrophones to explore the sounds outside of human hearing. Many past compositions use recordings of machinery and technology, exploring these for their rhythmic and melodic qualities, and subjecting them to analogue and digital processes, then layering the manipulated sounds in composition. In more recent years I have become interested in the raw qualities of un-treated field recordings, overdubbed with voice and sounds from objects that often have been found in, or relate to the place where the field recording was made. I enjoy this mixture of sound and matter to describe my memories of place. I have performed internationally and in the UK, from a Herring Museum in Iceland to a steam ship in the Pool of London.

Discovering sound art during my BA at Middlesex re-awakened my musicianship and gave me a new and exciting outlet through which to develop, explore and experiment. I've been using sound in my work and making music ever since in various guises.

I currently make work with duo Blanc Sceol, multi-disciplinary collective 'The Seer' and sound collective 'Breathing Space'. I'm also a member of The Study Group, and a certified Deep Listening® practitioner.