Siobhan Dyson


Composer, musician, film maker and creative, Siobhan Dyson is an all round creative person who enjoys the thrills of making her own films, adding her own music and performing the music with the vast amount of instruments she has taught herself. Finding passion through her time at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Siobhan decided to create her own films to support her music. Having little experience prior to her first film 'Playing with myself' she decided to pursue her passions and create something unusal.

Siobhan has kept this love for film creation by continuing to create short films. Teaching herself to act, edit and direct films has improved her understanding of films and, more importantly, her compositions.

Since an early age Siobhan has had a fascination with instruments and, Over the years, has taught herself piano, cello, violin, tin whistle and glockenspiel. Only ever been 'classically' trained on the flute and later on in life through piano lessons. She is currently trying to learn the recorder and hopes to take up a brass instrument soon.

With this knowledge of composing, film making and performance, Siobhan has moulded herself into a person willing to do everything herself. She enjoys creating everything from scratch and takes pleasure in the end result, knowing she had created something all on her own.