Joshua Ward


Joshua Ward graduated in Music from the University of Bristol in 2016 and since has attempted to implement craft through collaboration and disparate public outputs. He has a specific interest in how a work can manifest itself in relationship to the contextual environment it is presented in, and has presented work in one-off performative live events and online. This has seen him generate work for performative-installation (“Death Drive” at The Station, Bristol), music for physical-theatre/dance (“Schweat Fields” performed live at Jacobs Wells Dance Centre curated by Impermanence Dance Theatre and at Coil 2 curated by Thorny at The Brunswick Club, Bristol), film (“Structure I, Study I: The Uncanny Valley” screened at The Albany Theatre, London and online at The Ransom Note) and more. Thematically, he is interested in exploring conflicting notions of the real and the unreal. He looks to direct audiences and consumers of his work toward specific emotional reactions and interactions, attempting to engage heightened hyper-emotional sonic material utilising pre-recorded and pre-existing material and field recordings. At the beginning of 2019, he participated in Testing Ground: Master Class at London’s Zabludowicz Collection.

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United Kingdom