The Oxford Ambient Collective


The Oxford Ambient Collective is the alter-ego of David Smith who has been composing music on and off for the last two decades. David has come relatively late in life in regards to creating music (only really starting in his early thirites). He has of course had a huge passion for music for most of his life (and indeed is rarely ever seen without a pair of earphones plumbed into his ears).

As his artists name suggets he focused mainly on creating ambient based music and even when he veers off into areas such as Techno/Electronica/Classical he always strives to create something atmospheric. Indeed his work is best described as "ambient drones and etheral soudscapes". This where is feels the most comfortable but with this in mind he has always been happy to collaborate with others to help him extend his musical horizons.

His music has been broadcast on BBC Radio Oxford and 6 Music. As an artists he has a broad range of tunes available on Soundcloud and Bandcamp but one of his first ever interactions was with a fellow artists called Andy Backhouse and is excellent Focussed Silence label. In fact he is etenrally grateful to Andy for getting him placed on 6 Music.

The Oxford Ambient Collective has also played live on a couple of occasions and his proudest acheivement was playing at The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford as part of a 150th Anniversary event for Oxford Brookes University (where he works).



United Kingdom