Alessandro Ciccarelli


Alessandro Ciccarelli is a musician, organizer of sounds and visual artist from Italy.

He explores the sound spacing between drone, soundscape, dark ambient, experimental, electronics with generative patches, analogue synths and electroacoustic machines.

His solo works are released with the nom de plume Elnath Project



- "The Long Lightning Flashes Of The First Flood", Elnath Project (Wormhole World, 2023) - CD/DL

- “Tre pezzi per piano gaussiano", Elnath Project (Doppio Movimento, 2022) - DL

- “Unmarked Glade", Elnath Project - inside the boxset Eight-footed Mole - Perimetral Observation Under Critical Circumstances (Wish Fulfillment Recordings, 2022) - BluRay/CD/Booklet/DL

- “The Fourth Rift", Elnath Project (Plus Timbre, 2022) - DL

- “Anticlinal", Elnath Project (Plus Timbre, 2021) - DL

- “46Y6", Elnath Project (Inside/Outpost Records, 2020) - CD, digital release

- “~", Elnath Project (Focused Silence, 2019) - CD, digital release

- “Live At Anecoica", Elnath Project (Not on label, 2017) - digital release