Alessandro Ciccarelli is a Rome-based composer who performs and releases under the pseudonym "Elnath Project."

A Trumpeter with an academic background, Ciccarelli has played over the years in several bands and genres. However, in recent years he has explored different fields of musical research and experimentation; everything from electronic to field recordings, sound design & echtzeitmusik …

The CD “~”, released by the Yorkshire-based record label Focused Silence, is his first solo album and it collects some of the recent compositions following his reflection on the idea of the composer Giacinto Scelsi (1905-1988):

"Music cannot exist without sound.
Sound exists by itself without music.
Music evolves over time.
The sound is timeless.
It’s the sound that matters.
Sound is strength." - Giacinto Scelsi


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Alessandro Ciccarelli

Rome , Latina
41° 54' 10.0224" N, 12° 29' 46.9176" E
Latina IT