Neil Bruce


Spencer Bruce is a sound artist, designer, recordist and composer whose range of innovative works extends from solo albums, films, computer games, apps, sound installations and soundscape simulators. He specialises in creating immersive sound-worlds, drawing from environmental sound and field recording practices, creating sonic content for film, television, games, apps, audio brands, installations, VR, AR and public spaces.

With a background in field recording, electronic music and audio production, his creative and research practice involves using sounds, soundwalking and composition to examine and reconsider the psychological impact of soundscape on wellbeing and understand the emotional impacts of sounds. 

He has performed as a guitarist both solo and with various musicians all around the world and has worked in the studio with iconic artists such as Al Green, Barbara Cooke, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. With over 40 million streams to his name, he also releases music and sound art under the name Light B4 Sound.


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