New Voices 2017

Every year, Sound and Music shines a light on the work of the composers who are currently taking part in our residency programmes including Embedded, Portfolio, Next Wave and Pathways. These are our New Voices.

Coming from a diverse range of musical styles across the UK – they are pioneering some of the most exciting innovations in music and performance today.

New Voices are selected through a highly competitive open process to create new work with and for their residency partners, who can be as stylistically diverse as the ROLI, Sage Gateshead and the Birmingham Contempory Music Group (to name but a few!)

We will be profiling each New Voice over the coming months  - releasing updated British Music Collection profiles, Q+As and more - so keep reading our Spotlight articles and check back on #newvoices17!

Visit the New Voices Archive to find out more about our previous cohorts of artists. 


New Voices is generously supported by the RVW Trust. 

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