Vivienne Olive


Born 31st May, 1950, Vivienne is an English composer and harpsichordist, resident in Germany.

She studied the organ with James Stevens and the harpsichord with Valda Aveling at Trinity College of Music, London (1966–8), taking the diploma in music theory. After completing an undergraduate degree (University of York, 1971), she studied composition with Bernard Rands in York, Franco Donatoni in Milan and Roman Haubenstock-Ramati in Vienna. She took the doctorate at the University of York in 1975 and continued studying at the Hochschule in Freiburg with Klaus Huber (composition) and Stanislav Heller (harpsichord). In 1973 she was appointed lecturer in music theory at the Fachakademie für Musik in Nuremberg.

Olive combines serial techniques with tonal elements in her compositions, but aims to communicate on a musical rather than an intellectual level. Rands and Huber have had a lasting influence on her work, which also shows an affinity with Lutyens, Musgrave and Zechlin.

[Biography adapted from Grove Music Online]


Image from the composer's website