Vitalija Glovackyte


WE ARE FOR A WHILE, written as part of a Sound and Music residency with Apartment House:

Vitalija Glovackyte creates deep-felt chirpy music using acoustic instruments, electronics and lo-fi devices. Her works span from small tape miniatures, live solo sets to large-scale multimedia performances. Her recent work Virtual Love for mini synthesiser and slide projector was described as “A small, touching tale…in which nostalgic music emerges as a careful chaos. The effect is very evocative.” (Seismograf, Spor Festival 2016). Currently she is working on a new 40-minute work for four performers, live electronics and lights to be taken on a UK tour in July 2016, as part of her Sound and Music residency with experimental group Apartment House.

As a composer, Vitalija has presented her music in AHEAD Festival (Vilnius), 840 Series (London), Bastard Assignments (London), Tubers Festival (Manchester), Impuls Academy (Graz) and Spor Festival (Aarhus) and has worked with such groups and artists as Apartment House, Ex-Easter Island Heads, London Symphony Orchestra, Distractfold Ensemble and Video Jam. Aside from her solo work, Vitalija co-runs Almost Credible Music, and is part of the Manchester experimental music collective Idle Chatter. With fellow sound artist Michael Cutting, she is also devising a new duo called Kinder Meccano, creating pop-inflected experimental music involving various keyboards, tape machines and various objects.

Vitalija's track Thursday was released as part of FLECK EP, a limited run of handmade CDRs under the Manchester label Ono, with music by Joe Snape and Michael Cutting, and her music has been broadcast on PAKARTOT in Lithuania (hour-long portrait show) Ryto Allegro in Lithuania and The Lake Radio in Denmark.


Past / Present projects include:

Residency with Apartment House

SPOR 2016

Collaboration with Ex-Easter Island Heads

Bastard Assignments - Fresh and Clean

840 concert series

FLECK: ACM+Joe Snape UK and EU tours

IMPULS academy 2015

AHEAD 2014

This Is OHNO at Café OTO


HCMF 2013

Video Jam

Distractfold Ensemble

LCMF 2013

British Museum

IABF Centre

NMNW festival