Tiantian Zhu


Zhu Tiantian was born in China and moved to the UK at the age of 19. She currently lives in London and is working actively as a sound artist.

Tiantian studied classical music on the Guzheng (Chinese zither) from the age of 7, going on to achieve the highest level of performance. In 2004, she formed the avant-garde music group, Guan Zi Zai, where she used her mastery of this traditional Chinese instrument to explore a more experimental sound. The unique style of Guan Zi Zai attracted many artists to invite her to collaborate on experimental video installations, which were featured in various exhibitions internationally.

In 2008, Tiantian was commissioned by the V&A museum to create an interactive sound installation, which challenged people’s notions of the relationship between sound and action through the creative use of sound manipulation and physical interaction.

Zhu Tiantian has come a long way to discover the sounds that are a true expression of herself. She appreciates the beauty of sound for its own distinct qualities and through her work seeks to focus people’s attention on the act of listening itself.


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