Sophie Seita


Sophie Seita is a London-based writer, artist, and educator who explores how text and the act of reading can be visualised and translated into movement, sound, space, costume, and performative objects.

Her polyphonic investigations are also about listening and a dialogue with other voices. She's dedicated to an attentive politics that recognises that aesthetic forms are never unburdened, but enmeshed with our complex and complicit relations with(in) the world. She’s shown her work at La MaMa Galleria, Printed Matter (both NYC), JNU (Delhi), [ SPACE ], Bold Tendencies, the Royal Academy, Queer Art Projects, Raven Row, Parasol Unit, Art Night (all London), Kunsthalle Darmstadt (Germany), the Arnolfini (Bristol), and elsewhere.

She’s the author of a number of books, most recently, My Little Enlightenment Plays (Pamenar, 2020), The Gracious Ones (Earthbound Press, 2020), and Provisional Avant-Gardes (Stanford University Press, 2019). She is an Assistant Professor at Boston University, co-organises the Sound/Text seminar at Harvard, and is a tutor on both the Alternative Education Programme at Rupert in Vilnius, Lithuania, and the MSt in Writing for Performance at Cambridge University.

At the moment, she’s working on: The Gracious Ones, a philosophical ballet for women on imaginary running machines supported by the Dover Prize Fund at Darlington; and a public art and speculative research project with Naomi Woo in the form of The Minutes of the Hildegard von Bingen Society for Gardening Companions, funded by the British Council, Canada Council for the Arts, Canada High Commission, and Farnham Maltings. 

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