Sinan C. Savaskan


Sinan C. Savaskan (b. 1954) is a composer of orchestral, chamber and other performance arts-related contemporary music. He works and lives in London.

His music has been commissioned, performed and broadcast in over twenty countries by some of the foremost performers of contemporary music, including the BBC Symphony Orchestra, John Harle and Myrha Saxophone Quartet, the Lontano Ensemble, the SEM Orchestra - New York/Petr Kotik, the Balanescu String Quartet, the Gemini Ensemble, the Smith Quartet, Tim Brady, Sydney Alpha Ensemble, Trio Basso/Cologne, Yvar Mikhashoff, MusICA series of the Institute of Contemporary Arts/London, Martin Ball, Contemporary Arts Ensemble/London and Zsolt Nagy, Cambridge New Music Players, Tokyo Alpha Ensemble, and a selection of prominent theatre and ballet companies and directors.

Since the early 1980s, Savaşkan’s music has brought together the two previously unrelated strands of his activities and compositional concerns: an interest in high level organisation and a seemingly contradictory commitment to total spontaneity. Features of his earlier highly structured notated compositions, and his past work as an improvising musician are combined in a constructivist context – largely based on a personal compositional method of tonal/contrapuntal/formal logistics.

Although complex in its structural planning and detail, Savaşkan’s music is considered by many well-known critics to be emotionally highly charged; direct in its expressivity, textural clarity and surface immediacy.


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