Marius Lucas Antonio Listhrop known for his stage name Scarlxrd (pronounced Scar lord), started rapping in 2015, He is known for his unique musical style combining elements of trap music and heavy metal.

Scarlxrd's combination of trap music and heavy metal has been dubbed "trap metal". In a 2018 article, NME described him as a "tormented outsider hip-hop artist" They also called him a "rap metal overlord" and his style to include "screamed vocals, claustrophobic trap beats and ear-shredding bursts of distorted guitar", as well as calling it a fusion of metal and "nihilistic rap" 

He rose to prominence after the release of his music video for his single "Heart Attack" which earned him significant attention and platinum status and released his debut full-length studio album in 2018 with Island Records 


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Photography; Tom Ordoyno

United Kingdom