Saskia is an award winning interdisciplinary artist and composer traversing music, visual arts, theatre,  and sound. Saskia's artistic practice concerns documentary art; the creative use of actuality. She identifies experiences, objects, actions and memories that subtly form a point of union between the individuals and groups which may not realise they share a common ground. She collects, records and archives commonalities, presenting these collections in formats that allow for a shared immersive experience. Saskia's work has been presented at numerous arts festivals internationally since 2006.  She was recently awarded a Sound and Music 'Embedded' fellowship (2011-2013)  with the acclaimed Apartment House Ensemble for her immersive sound and light performance "Dead Symphony". "Dead Symphony" premiered at Turner Contemporary, UK 2013.

Photography by Meredith O'Shea


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Saskia Moore

New Voices 2014
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