Riz MC


London rapper Rizwan Ahmed also known as Riz MC debuted his music in 2006, with this single ‚Äúpost 9/11 blues''. His music is often described as satirical and controversial where the aims of his lyricism are to create change and raise awareness of social issues, which was evident in his solo music and in his hip-hop group Swet Shop Boys. 

Riz, raised in North-london listened to Jungle and Hip hop which inspired his start on Pirate radio and freestyle battles. After the success of first single in 2006, he later won Best MC at the Asian Music Awards for his efforts. In 2007, Ahmed issued his second single as Riz MC, the garage rap-driven "People Like People" (from his debut Microscope), in addition to gaining work with the Asian Dub Foundation for their drum'n'bass opera Gaddafi and starring in the TV drama miniseries Britz. His work in British film carried him into the 2010s, when he finally made his international breakthrough.



Credit: Sharif Hamza

United Kingdom