Richard Hoadley


In recent years Richard Hoadley has composed using his own systems of physical computing and algorithmic generation which together make original compositions in real-time.  He has developed a number of devices which investigate and facilitate physical interactions with musically expressive algorithms for installations, performances (including dance) and therapeutic environments.  'Calder's Violin' included methods for the live presentation of algorithmically generated music notation. In ‘Semaphore’ physical movement and algorithms combine with live notation in simultaneous performances of cross-domain expression, while in 'How To Play the Piano', he combines live text and live music notation in an exploration of the areas between interpretation and improvisation.  He has extended these systems to make use of live graphics and dance notations in the pieces 'Edge Violations' for clarinet and computer and 'Choreograms', a music-dance-text piece linking music, dance and poetry and is currently working on a new commission for the University of A Coruña, Spain, as part of the celebration of Cervantes.  He is affiliated to the Digital Performance Laboratory at Anglia Ruskin University and lives in Cambridge, UK.

Tom Hall