Richard Ascough


Richard Ascough was born in Middlesex in 1951. Mostly self taught but some private lessons with Emile Spira who was a pupil of Webern and also attended Hugh Davies electronic music classes at Goldsmiths 1970-1972. A member of the Scratch Orchestra 1970-1974. His Rationalisation of Realisation was the final work at the Scratch Orchestra's Queen Elizabeth Hall concert in November 1970 and broadcast the following Month.

Atlantis Revisited for 2 Pianos was performed on a number of occasions by the Smith/Lewis Duo. At the Tomb of Cornelius (3) was performed by John Tilbury at BMIC and is published by Frontier Press. Field of Dreams for Cello and Two Marimbas was performed at the Field of Dreams Festival in Surrey.

Ascough's music is mostly  minimalist.