Reuben Esterhuizen


Reuben is a London based composer and performer of acoustic and electronic music.

His music often uses minimal materials and repetitive gestures, preferring to focus on exploring the implications of placing these materials in time and in interesting relations to each other.

Having completed an undergraduate degree at Durham University studying with Eric Egan and James Weeks, he has begun an Artist Master's course at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama where he is studying with Paul Newland.

As a composer, he has worked with performers such as the EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble, Plus-Minus Ensemble, Ensemble 7 Bridges, Unfinished Collective, the Frankland Quartet and various individual instrumentalists. His work has been performed at IKLECTIK, Milton Court Concert Hall, and The Place Theatre.

As a vocalist and guitarist, he has performed experimental and improvised music of his own and others, and is interested in expanding the performance aspect of his practice, both through open and fixed notation.

His studies are generously supported by the Guildhall School Trust

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United Kingdom