Rebekah Reid


Rebekah Reid is a vibrant and versatile violinist and loop pedal artist specialising in jazz, classical repotoire, improvisation and composition. 

After graduating from The Royal Northern College of Music (Violin Performance) Rebekah quickly discovered that she could improvise and compose, drawing inspiration from a range of different artists including; Bach, Brahms and Paganini, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Erykah Badu, Fela Kuti, Aphex Twin and Flying Lotus. 

Rebekah experiments with loopers and effects pedals, combining them with traditional string techniques to craft unique sound worlds on her violin and a tonal narrative that captures the listeners imagination. 

Rebekah performs regularly as a soloist, orchestral, chamber and session musician with a variety of ensembles. 

She leads and manages the band Täpp, a dynamic and experimental loop pedal music collective featuring collaborations with musicians from London and Manchester.Täpp creates original music through live looping and improvisation, drawing inspiration from Baroque, Classical and Jazz. Rebekah's objective is to bring classical music into the modern age and sharing it with diverse audiences has always been a strong motivation, greatly influencing her unique style and approach as a composer and concert violinist. In every performance, Rebekah's aim is to stimulate people's curiosity and awaken a new music movement.