Parfrey was a musician, composer, teacher and chorister at Durham Cathedral. He was a well-known English composer of educational music. He was a member of the Composers’ Guild of Great Britain and Associate of the Royal College of Music and was also a music copyist to publishers. He was an accomplished pianist and music teacher and divided his time teaching music and pianoforte to his students in Harrow. He was an accompanist and gave performances at Harrow Junior Schools (1969 - 1987) and also an assistant at Harrow Young Musicians.

Parfrey composed music of fine craftsmanship and won numerous awards in national and international composing competitions. Parfrey composed an extensive catalogue of music for wind instruments and ensembles and had a rare and comprehensive understanding of writing for wind instruments. His educational music is well-known and performed by music students for examinations with the Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music and Trinity Guildhall.

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Raymond Parfrey

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