Peter Sander was born is Budapest (His original name was Peter Szarvas). He left Hungary after the Hungarian Revolution and settled in England. He has three children: two sons (Andrew and Robert) and a daughter (Annabelle) and three grandchildren. He gained a scholarship to the Guildhall School of Music to study piano. During this time he made a living as a jazz pianist, and eventually as musical director to a number of singers, and theatrical venues (Eve Boswell, The Poor Millionaire, etc) He started composing professionally in 1959 and since then he has composed music both in the commercial (jazz, film, and light music) and serious music fields. He has been commissioned to write a number of pieces by various performing artists, orchestras and recording companies. He makes a living both as a composer, and teacher of piano, jazz-piano and composition. He taught composition at the City Literary Institute from 1974 - 1997.

Education: University of Budapest, College of Music, Debrecen, Guildhall School of Music LGSM in piano & theory teaching. University of London, Goldsmiths College (1985-1992) leading to a Masters degeree and PhD in composition.


Peter Sander

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