Born 1948. Educated Taunton's Grammar School Southampton/ Queen's College Oxford.

Studied Electronic Music/ music theory at Morley College London 1975-77 under Michael Graubart, - and on recommendation of Alan Bush composition and conducting at Workers Music Association Summer Schools 1988-1989. ''Retrograde 5' - (soundtrack to video 'Falling' ) played Edinburgh Festival 1999.   'Amphibian Fogg'  played  in 2000 at Newcastle  University.  'Burns Variations' played  2000  Mirador Centre de Cultura Contemporania Barcelona. 'No go areas of Belfast and Londonderry'  2001 Queens University Belfast as part of Sonorities Festival. 'Winter' played at Bourges Festival  2002.   'The Shout' - a collaboration with Chilean video artist Pia Videla-Hintze selected for Bourges 2003 and 'The Mother/ in praise of communism' played at the festival. 'Extended Moment' played at Librecompleto Sonidos Fijados in Barcelona  2002 and at Leeds University 2003.  'Not in my name'  played at Sonidos Fijados in Barcelona  2003 and Sheffield University. 'Amphibian Fogg', 'Extended Moment', 'Abstract No X', & 'Anonymous Bingo Caller'  broadcast on Radio Centraal Antwerp 28.8.03. 

'Thesaurus2' for amplified harpsichord and tape played by Jane Chapman in London  28.3.06 SPNM's Sound Source series.

'Theremin and Quad tape' performed at Huddersfield University 27.9.08.  Octophonic Agamemnon Kaos Version performed  Zeppelin Festival at the Centro Cultural Contemporanea Barcelona December 2009.

Piece for electric violin, ring modulator and tape performed Phipps Concert Hall Huddersfield  July 2011.

A number of his shorter pieces can be heard at pieces also played at the Soundwaves festival Brighton June 2007

Currently writing an opera Beatrice Webb - Socialist Saint.

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Peter de Moncey-Conegliano

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