Paul Ramshaw


Paul Ramshaw was exposed to music and the arts at an early age, with a jazz musician father and an artist grandmother. Paul studied Music and the Recording Arts with Philosophy and Politics at the University of North Carolina in the United States in the late 1980's during which time Paul focused on synthesis and sampling technologies. During the 1990's Paul performed with a Jazz quartet and an African ensemble and composed music for commercials and a few short films. Recently he has concentrated on electroacoustic works of ephemeral drones and textures that are designed to create "reflective space for the listener to dream, think, feel and relate to a common human experience in an uncertain world". The concepts Paul uses in his music are those of ontological negation: uncovering the things that are left behind when the majority of things are named. In other words the music is intended to uncover 'things that are not', rather than things that are: emotions, unspoken things, evident but unacknowledged truths and the space between the usual suspects of 'things' that usually scream for attention. Most of the music is created with electronically re-edited acoustic live recordings and samples of performances. In 2002 Paul began teaching music technology at Thames Valley University in Reading and in 2004 moved to the London College of Music in Ealıng where he is now a senior lecturer. Most recently Paul has composed and performed new music that involves deconstructing both live and recorded audio signals into harmonic and melodic elements that are then improvised live or later re-composed into new musical artefacts.

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