I’m a musician, composer and songwriter based in Glasgow, UK, currently studying composition at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. In addition to notated instrumental compositions, I also make electronic music and perform as a singer/songwriter, rapper and instrumentalist. As well as music, I very occasionally write poetry.

Some of my work is abstract and surreal, some is deeply personal and concerned with dark thoughts and the struggle for purpose (especially as an artist), some is very direct and antagonistic. Although, while my politics are often a source of inspiration, I believe it is naive to think that art can do much to affect social change, itself. I aspire to use art as a means to start or continue pressing conversations in our society. I also believe that good political art should be subversive and avoid affirming the opinions of (at least) the majority of its audience.


Patrick Shand

United Kingdom
55° 51' 51.2532" N, 4° 15' 6.5016" W