Nik Bizzell-Browning


Composer - artist - performer

"Composition liberates time so that it can be lived, not stockpiled... to compose is to... locate liberation, not in a faraway future, either sacred or material, but in the present, in production and in one's own enjoyment." (Jacques Attali, Noise - The Political Economy of Music)

From - playing percussion in a performance of Carmina Burana with the Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orchestra at the age of 15, via busking with Eddie Izzard, jamming with Jools Holland, headlining the Tolpuddle Martyrs Festival & supporting Alice Cooper at Sweden’s largest rock festival with folk/punk icons The Men They Couldn’t Hang...

to - undertaking a Research PHD in Music composition at Brunel University, and recently working on a spoken word & music project with Luke Rhinehart (aka George) the author of the iconic 70’s counter culture novel The Dice Man...

Nik has maintained his interest in western “aRt” music, with the majority of his compositional output being notated/scored for live/human performance on traditional (& non-traditional) instruments, with intermittent forays into combing the live and acousmatic sound worlds, (for use rather than exchange value), with auditory references ranging from Causets (Causal Sets) to bird song.

Aside from the above, Nik has also written, produced, and released 20+ albums under the pen name Sputnik Weazel -


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United Kingdom