Maria Collings


Maria is a composer, teacher, flautist and author of music resources and picture storybooks about music for children.

Maria studied music, composition, flute performance and education for the primary age range, gaining a BA(Ed)(Hons) from Christ Church College Canterbury, University of Kent.

She subsequently successfully studied for a MA in Music Education at the Institute of Education, University of London. In 2022, Maria successfully completed a MA in Music from the Open University. Her dissertation was a practice-based research project investigating text, context, procedure and function of borrowed music in an original composition.

Maria‚Äôs teaching experience is varied and extensive; she has 25 years experience as a qualified teacher, music leader and Advanced Skills Teacher in primary schools, of which 9 years were spent as an Advanced Skills Teacher for Music and English and 3 years as a Headteacher of a small primary school.

Maria now focuses on composition and writing music resources and picture storybooks about music for children.




Spiral, a one minute piece for two violins was premiered on BBC Radio Cornwall on Sunday 30th August 2020.

In a Wide Place, a passacaglia for string orchestra was premiered on 25 November 2023, at St Michael's Church, Lewes.