Lucy Claire


Lucy Claire is a remarkable composer and producer, whose music fuses classical, cinematic and world influences. Her bittersweet piano motifs and melancholy string melodies, loaded with atmospheric soundscapes, along with off kilter harmonies and deep and compelling structures, have often been compared to music by composers such as Nils Frahm and Johann Johannsson as well as post rock artists like Mogwai. 

Originally from Sunderland, Lucy moved to London in 2012 to study composition at The Royal College of Music. Since graduating, she has had several releases and is perhaps best known for her collaborations series which has seen her work with artists such as Alev Lenz (Black Mirror, Anouskha Shankar - Land of Gold) and singer Yuri Kono, where intricate thought-provoking vocal melodies are combined with her wistful spectral, piano and string based sound.

Throughout 2018, Lucy will release a series of EP’s with Swedish label 1631 Recordings. The first release, entitled String Works was released on the 9th March and is availiable as CD and digital downloads. The collection of tracks focus' mainly on the stringed instrument family with occasional support from the piano and atmospheric soundscapes. The EP features playing by violinist Marie Schreer and The Iskra String Quartet. (Olafur Arnalds, The XX, Jóhann Jóhannson).

Piano Works is the second installment of Lucy Claire’s ‘Works’ series. It is an eclectic take on what piano music can be. Featuring cellist Ren Ford (Keaton Henson’s Romantic Works) and violinist Marie Schreer (The Royal Northern Sinfonia) and surrounded in atmospheric binaural soundscapes, the piano is far from lonely. The work features a collection of pianos from grands and uprights, to electric keyboards, toy and thumb pianos. It is grounded in the real world but hints strongly at the magical and supernatural, it absorbs, transports, then delivers you back to reality with new perspective.

In 2017 Lucy collaborated with sculptor and installation artist Marie-Louise Jones on a 28 day UNtitled experiment project which saw the pair explore the theme of pairs through sculpture, film and music. Lucy created the music using binaural soundscape recordings, her own voice, violin melodies and manipulated recordings made from experimenting with the natural materials Marie used. The installation was featured as part of Gavin Turk’s and Anna Maloney’s Inside Out exhibition at Here East in Hackney Wick. Music from an Installation will be released in Autumn 2018.

‘a swell of strings that leaves you feeling suspended in a sea of melodies’ 

– Drowned In Sound

'A must-listen for everyone who is into classical, ambient and/or experimental music.'  - Nothing But Hope and Passion

'Extraordinary - a really complex, deep work' - Tom Robinson, BBC6music DJ. 

'Birdsong, shuffling feet and muted conversation are as important in her compositions as cello and violin, or overlaid glitchy electronics. The result is immersive and slightly disorienting’ - Dani Charlton/Amazing Radio​

‘this standalone music has a cinematic quality to it, though it creates images in your mind, rather than complementing them in front of your eyes.’

Andy Malt/Complete Music Update 

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