Lamont Kennaway


British composer and music teacher Charles Gray Lamont Kennaway, usually known as Lamont Kennaway but sometimes listed as Charles Kennaway, Gray Lamont Kennaway or Charles Gray L Kennaway, was born in 1899 in England or Wales. His father was the Scottish painter Charles Gray Kennaway (1860-1925).

Lamont Kennaway attended Cranbrook School and taught music at King's School Bruton. He's known for his writing for organ, plus chamber music, and has compositions with various publishers including Ascherberg/IMP, Ashdown/Elkin, Emerson Edition, Novello & Co, Stainer & Bell, New Wind Music and Peters Edition.

Kennaway died on 13 December 1971, aged seventy-two, and is buried in Wellshill Cemetery, Perth, Scotland.


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