Jolliff Seville is a Somerset-born composer, singer and poet based in East London. A disabled, black trans man, his output is characterised by a distinctive bluesy vocal style, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, overt queerness, and abolitionist politics.

His EPs released under the name Joliff Seville (including 'Moonlight Sonata', 'Hectic Glow', and 'Japanese Class') inhabit a low-fi and introspective singer-songwriter aesthetic. Conversely, his work under the alias 'Trannieboi' ('Sertraline Gang' and 'Lipitor') are up-beat and catchy, incorporating hyperpop, reggaeton and hip-hop influences in collaboration with EDM producer Shurk. 

Seville cites Amy Winehouse, Ella Fitzgerald, Etta James and Nina Simone as major vocal influences and he has fronted for electronic band COMANAVAGO. He has also received classical vocal and compositional training, stating that 'me and Vivaldi would vibe hard'. His writing influences include Tom Waits, Kanye West and Mitski, and is a long-term collaborator with Gabriel Swarbrick.

Describing his own sound as 'psychosis, but catchy', Seville's lyrics explore his experiences of mental illness, medication, trauma, gender transition, and racism.


Jolliff Seville (Trannieboy)

United Kingdom
55° 22' 40.9836" N, 3° 26' 9.5028" W
London GB

This composer has self-identified as LGBTQ+ - part of a platform intervention celebrating LGBTQ+ History Month 2021.

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